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Welcome To Dawnaquinn Cavaliers

Breeders of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s Since 2000

Calgary, Alberta Canada


Are you thinking of adding a Cavalier to your life?

These small spaniel companion dogs are a wonderfully agreeable and affectionate addition to a loving home. My husband (Dwight) and I (let me introduce myself: Hi, I’m Wendy!) breed occasional litters each year in Calgary, Alberta.

Our retired “staycation” lifestyle allows us to live our bliss by spending time with our 5 Cavaliers and 1 Berger Picard. We’re excited to share with you when puppies are available, plus some wins and brags, so be sure to head over to our facebook page for updates. Not on facebook? No problem. Email us for puppy inquires: cavaliers@dawnaquinn.com


Ch BISS Dawnaquinn We Take Berlin AGXS, AGXJS, MADC, XAP, XJP, XFP

The first whole color Cavalier to win a Canadian National Speciality (and at 11 months old!) meet “Berlin”, our crowning achievement! Lustrous ruby locks, exquisite conformation and his extreme athleticism make for some beautiful action shots. He’s intact and available at stud to the right girls.
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Dawnaquinn Boston Legal AGIS, AGIJS, OAP, OJP, NFP

Aww, here’s our “Dennis”! He’s the sweetheart son of Berlin and our forever puppy, who is imbued with a zest for life and saturates us with his love. Everything is fun for him and he makes us smile every time he rolls upside down for a belly rub or hops in the river to swim like an otter!

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Also known as “Turtle”. We’ve never met a dog (or turtle for that matter) who says so much with his eyes; “I want your food”, “I want that spot”, “I want to go to bed now”, and we’re most delighted when he says with his soulful eye-gazing, “I love you so, so, soooo much!” He finished his American championship in 3 weekends and has excelled in agility, despite his name

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Cambridge Francesca

Our remaining matriarch, “Franny”, at 13 years old (that’s 91 in human years) still goes for a 2 mile walk twice a week. She has her routine, but intelligently deviates from that to seek out cookie opportunities; she’s one smart cookie (someone had to say it!). She’s happy, content and is a proud Great Grandma to many generations of puppies. We dearly love this classy lady who will forever be in our hearts and beds.

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Ch AGMCH, ATCH Dawnaquinn Dark Star AGMS, AGMJS, RE, XAP, XJP, OFP

The first Cavalier in Canada to receive his AGMCH (Agility Master Champion). Now in his elder years, “Niles”, our soul dog is relinquishing his pack leader status and like us, enjoying the simple things: walks, supper, cookies and cuddles. Could life be any better?! Niles was born a serious puppy, like a puppy-accountant, keeping track of the toys: who had what and where, and sometimes the big dog dog police (keeping everyone in check). His unique character and commitment to please made him an outstanding performance dog – the extensive list of titles in front and behind his name for a well deserving dog!

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Am Can Ch Dawnaquinn Clark Gable AGXS, AGXJS, MADC, OAP, OJP, OFP

My “Clark”. Sometimes words cannot fully express the love and bond one has with a heart dog; this is that time. Clark was beautiful. The all time top winning Black & Tan Cavalier in Canada. A gentle soul who graced the conformation ring, then later had a blast as an agility dog. He proved black and tan Cavaliers (or whole colors) are equal in the show ring and this was no small feat, let me tell you! Still, words cannot say how much he meant to our family. May the longtime sun shine upon him.

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Life can be lonely without a dog. But, it’s important to get the right dog at the right time. Cavaliers make wonderful companions, performance dogs (agility, rally, tracking, obedience) and are happy to chill out on the couch or go for a hike with you – as long as they’re with you. If you work long hours or travel frequently (without said Cavalier), have a newborn, a house full of toddlers or are looking for a guard dog – a Cavalier is not for you, right now.

I do my best to match the right temperament of dog for you and invite you to my home to view the puppies and my group. Your puppy will come with a booklet packed full of useful tips, such as feeding and training, also I’m available anytime by email for support.

Check our facebook page for puppy updates. An application with references is required for serious inquires. Puppies start at CAN$2000 with a detailed contract. On rare occasions, we look for homes to place older puppies in based on a modified arrangement, i.e., litter back, retired girl or other situations. If you think you’re ready and the right fit, we’d love to help you choose the perfect Cavalier for you.

Email is the fastest way to reach me. cavaliers@dawnaquinn.com

Much care,


Our Philosophy

After 40 years of breeding, we've discovered what works for us

A Wholistic Diet

“What are you feeding?” is the first question I ask when a health issue comes up. A natural diet with high quality food can do wonders for prevention, maintenance and treatment.

Health Testing

Cavaliers are not perfect and may have few health issues. I breed only after health clearances for hearts, hips, eyes and current DNA tests have been met. This is extremely important to us.


Dogs are social and Cavaliers thrive in loving, fun environments. If you don’t have a pack at home already, find some dog friends at a puppy class or a safe dog park.

Outdoor Exercise

Everything is better after a long walk. Scent is vital to a dog and even though a Cavalier is far from being a skilled hunter, they love to pretend! Walks are important for the mental and physical health of our dogs (and us too!)

NEWS FLASH! 01/16/16

ATCH Turtle!! What a great day. Thank you Brenda Juskow for the nice Master Gamble course and Training Troop for another fun trial. Turtle is now AM CAN AGMCH ATCH DAWNAQUINN THE KNOW IT ALL AgMS, AgMJS, IPS, XAP, XJP, XFP, RN

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Making History

We didn’t set out to do it, but along the way we did! Our dogs have accomplished wins and awards beyond our dreams. Before we bred Cavaliers, for over 35 years, we bred some of North America’s top conformation, performance and producing Doberman’s. Among many to be remembered:


“Connor” Ch Dawnaquinn Just My Luck AGN, AGIJ
“Monica” Ch Dawnaquinn Insider Information AGX
“Roger” Am Can Ch MBISS Dawnaquinn Right On Roger

In August of 2009 I went to Southern France and came home with Carter. What an unusual looking and acting puppy. I was new to Herding dogs but having raised Dobermans for 35 years, I thought I was up for it. Several, I’ve realized that Picards are DIFFERENT than Dobermans – bizarre sense of humor and very little desire to please (aka “Carter, COME!” = who, me…. sorry, busy”. Regardless, he’s a good pet for Dwight (the husband!)

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See the opportunity in each new day.

~ The Cavaliers